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Huckabee: Broken Record on Same Sex Marriage


Leave it to potential GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee to repeat old rhetoric in his battle against same-sex marriage.

Huckabee panders to the Christian Right and alienates everyone else with his flawed slippery-slope argument that if same-sex marriage were legalized, that just about any form of union would end up being permitted.  Namely, that polygamy should then be allowed.

He argues that:

“You know, I hear people say, ‘Well, what would be wrong?’ What would be wrong, then, with a man having two or three or six or seven wives? Or a woman having six or seven husbands all at the same time? Other than the financial challenge of doing that.”

What a flawed argument, but one that can be very convincing to people who don’t take the time to actually think about it.  The issue here isn’t polygamy.  It’s about homosexuality.  And this is just Huckabee’s way to divert the attention away from the real reason that he’s against it: his fundamentalist Christian views.  He thinks that he’s masking his religious reasons for desiring a secular ban on one type of marriage simply based on the demographic of people being married, which is a prime example of institutional discrimination, by using the tired and patently false historical argument – that marriage has always meant one man and one woman – and equating homosexuals with polygamists.  Classic fear-mongering rhetoric that holds no water whatsoever.


“Marriage doesn’t mean any and everything we want it to mean.  In all the recorded years of human history it has only meant one thing. It has meant a man and a woman relationship, that not only created the next generation, but that trained the next generation to be their replacements. It’s not just the matter of the biological reproduction, however. It’s the context in which children are able to grow up understanding the role models that both the male and the female provide.”

There are so many things wrong with his argument.  First off:

1) Marriage hasn’t only meant one thing in all the recorded years of human history.  Perhaps it’s meant the same thing in all the recorded years of The Huckabee Family History but you need not look further than his own admission of polygamy to realize that there are other forms of marriage that are perfectly valid for those groups of people (I assume they’re humans, thus in the realm of human history).  See also, arranged marriages, polyandry, and a whole slew of different unions in many societies.  Even if fringe or practiced amongst a small group of people, it disproves Huckabee’s statement that marriage has always meant one singular thing.

2) Being married doesn’t mean you have to be parents.  There are all kinds of circumstances where married couples don’t end up training “the next generation to be their replacements,” such as, infertile couples or those who just don’t want to have children.  I’ve never been married, but I’ve been to a number of weddings, and none of the requirements that I heard during the ceremonies involved procreation and the training of said offspring.

Huckabee uses that falsity to lead to yet another one.

3) Children can learn the ins and outs of being a human being without having both a man and woman guiding them.  I’m getting tired of reading my own print right now because it feels like Huckabee is making me sound like a broken record.  Again, all it takes is actually stopping and spending a brief moment thinking about this to realize that Huckabee is full of total crap and that nothing in his argument holds true.  With his rationale, he should be fighting to outlaw childless married couples, single-parent families, and foster parents (to take a page out of his own slippery slope book).

It doesn’t take a historian to know that marriage – like many cultural customs – has changed and varied over time across cultures as they evolve and change.  Huckabee bases his argument on his own personal beliefs that fall under those of Christianity, which is fine, were he arguing to make changes to his church’s rules, not secular American laws.  But he’s not.

This is a man who fashions himself a presidential candidate in 2012 yet bases his arguments for and against secular laws on his own religious beliefs over the rights granted by the U.S. Constitution.  The Republican Party really is no longer a political entity anymore so much as it has become a church.  And that has no place whatsoever in American politics.


The South, Cont’d.


It turns out that those numbers on the South’s approval/disapproval of President Obama didn’t tell the whole story.  Wouldn’t be the first time that numbers were misleading.

Not that the South isn’t skewed heavily against Obama in relation to the rest of the country, though, only that they seem to be pretty unhappy with all of government, including their own party.

They’re disaffected about everything. Unsurprisingly, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are unpopular; they actually fare worse than Mr Obama. But so are Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, albeit to a lesser extent: Mr Boehner gets 26% favourable/36% unfavourable. Congressional Republicans are at 30/47. The only thing that southerners favour more than disfavour is the Republican Party, and even that isn’t getting majority support (48/37).

It makes sense that they would still be supportive of the GOP since they are almost all red states, but even that support is far from overwhelming.

The Economist draws its own conclusions for this general malaise and they seem to be very plausible explanations.


We Need GOP Reform


The good ole two-party system. Republicans and Democrats.  Liberals and conservatives.

Black and white.

What about the gray area in which most of us live?

The goal is for each side to bring their perspectives to the table and together some compromises are reached that create more moderate policies.  Of course, this depends on what each side is bringing to the table that determines what could be considered moderate.  When one party tries to bring a moderate view to the table while the other offers religious extremism or is just completely unwilling to compromise… Well, that’s where we find ourselves now.

It’s not the system that’s broken.  It’s the GOP.

In order to truly make changes to our country that need to be made, the Republicans need to find their way out of being the Christian Party and back to being the fiscally conservative, small government party.  If that really has ever been the case.

Until then, this health reform bill will end up a total disaster.

“The G.O.P. used to be the party of business. Well, to compete and win in a globalized world, no one needs the burden of health insurance shifted from business to government more than American business. No one needs immigration reform — so the world’s best brainpower can come here without restrictions — more than American business. No one needs a push for clean-tech — the world’s next great global manufacturing industry — more than American business. Yet the G.O.P. today resists national health care, immigration reform and wants to just drill, baby, drill,” – Tom Friedman.

(Thanks to Andrew Sullivan’s “The Daily Dish” for the quote.)